Ebony: A New Concept of Contemporary Luxury
Located in the heart of Riyadh, Ebony is a modern interpretation of what a unique shopping
experience should look like in the 21st century. It offers a lovingly curated selection of products
pulled together from different brands, from both internationally renowned designers and
emerging local talents.
Whether you’re a style maven or a minimalist shopper, Ebony will provide you with an eclectic
mix of fashion and lifestyle products and innovations to keep up with all today’s trends
including Clothes, Sunglasses, Bags, Sneakers, Gadgets, Art Pieces and more!
Our Products: Wide-Ranging, Eye-Grabbing Picks
Combine your personality and attitude into a clothing item, and evolve elegantly with the
seasons! We’re talking about statement dresses, chic trousers, super-sleek shirts, edgy jackets,
bold clutches and stylish shades.
Are you a fan of cotton, linen, silk or leather? Do you prefer a fusion of urban and avant-garde
garments or more of a posh sartorial style? To make it simple for you: Anything you wear from
Ebony will have a timeless, voguish appeal!
So if you are seeking out quality, newness and exclusivity, drop by our boutique and stock up
from a unique collection of on-trend, contemporary fashion pieces hand-picked from highly
established names around the world.
But that’s not all! At Ebony, you will grab the gift to yourself you never knew you needed thanks
to our latest drop of cool home décor items, art pieces, limited editions, innovative gadgets and
useful gears . You name it, we curate it!

Our Shopping Experience: A Creative Spirit
A tour at Ebony store offers an experience like no other. You will detach from reality and enter
a maze of immense creativity and boldness. The interior is a unique space reflecting
sophistication and inspiration in design with showstopping displays showcasing products in an
attractive fashion.
For a more magnified gaze at our merchandise, you can shop from our e-commerce website
and enjoy a user-friendly experience from the comfort of your home!